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Project Code:

Τ2ΕΔ -02489


Project Title:

Creating a private certification scheme for companies that offer services to Chinese citizens.

China’s rapid economic growth has created a rich new generation looking for products, experiences, education and investment around the world. In our country it is estimated that in the coming years the increase of Chinese visitors will be more than 20% per year. However, in order for the experience of demanding and with different cultural and social needs, visitors to be as good as possible, training and ensuring that their requirements can be met by Greek businesses is required.


In this context, a tool for the certification audit scheme (third party) ChinaBeeReady will be developed. The certification scheme sets out the minimum requirements that should be met in order for the Chinese visitor’s experience to be satisfactory and successful. In order to ensure the validity of the whole scheme, a quality management system will be developed, with specific procedures covering the requirements of international certification standards (ISO / IEC 17065), and then all necessary actions will be taken for the certification scheme to be accredited by a recognized accrediting body member of the European Accreditation (EA-MLA).


The certification scheme is based on specific requirements-criteria that should be met by businesses and requires on-site audit at the premises of any interested company by Toorbee. In order to ensure the required impartiality, safe management of a large volume of information, reduction of the time and cost of attendance of Toorbee inspectors at the customer’s premises, an online web platform should be developed. Through the platform, all communication with the customer and the progress of each audit will be kept and monitored. Also the review, the audit report and the required documentation will be archived in real time by the inspector.


More specifically, the Platform will ensure:

– Communication and assignment of work from the headquarters to the inspector

– Informing the client about the criteria that the audit is conducted, the course of his case and the planning of the audit

– Cover and archive all audit criteria from all inspectors, as the audit report and criteria will be displayed to each inspector and the documentation will be archived automatically.

– Completing the audit report and obtaining the necessary documentation in real time, reducing on site audit time

– Ensuring the impartiality of the inspector as the time and place of the audit will be monitored

– Review and approval of the Inspector’s Report and required documentation by the headquarters

– Better and more efficient management of both customers and inspectors, with the ability to extract performance and service indices.

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