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Business Opportunity – Innovation :

The business opportunity of the “ChinaBeeReady ” proposal arises from the recognition by Toorbee ‘s founders of the need for modern services value-added for tourism businesses, leveraging new technologies, more economically, and more efficiently around the world. China’s rapid economic growth over many years has created a

rich new generation looking around the world for products, experiences, education and investments. In our country it is estimated that in the coming years the increase of Chinese visitors is greater than 20% per year. However, in order for the experience of the visitors with the many peculiarities is not as good as possible, the training and the assurance that they can be covered by the Greek companies that concern them. Based on the above assumption and taking into account the revised priorities of the “National Intelligent Strategy – RIS3”, the “ChinaBeeReady ChinaBeeReady ” project seeks to develop an innovative integrated (third party) schema control and certification tool .

Project Implementation Methodology:

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The following methodologies will be used for the implementation of the project:

  1. Creating and recording the criteria and requirements that companies must meet in order to receive the certificate of conformity of the private certification scheme. The criteria are clearly defined and will be recorded in the form of a compliance questionnaire (checklist) to facilitate the process of compliance control by the same company, the inspector who will perform the on-site inspection, but also by the potential client of the certified company.

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  1. Establish a quality management system for the certification scheme. The quality management system that includes specific operational procedures, which will meet the international certification standards e.g. ISO / IEC 17065. The above procedures will describe all the steps that must be followed within Toorbee until the issuance of the certificate of conformity. More specifically, it will include the process of submitting and aiming at the countries’ applications, the financial and technical offer, the appointment of the inspection team, the inspection by the designated inspection team, the required documentation that each inspector must collect and send, the review the documentation from the headquarters, the documentation for the correction of any deviations / non-conformities, the approval of each documentation package and the issuance of the certificate of conformity.

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  1. In order to ensure impartiality, better management of customers, inspectors carrying out the control and security of the information obtained as documentation, an electronic monitoring of the platform and the authority should be established.
  2. It will record all the forms and data of interest and the communication of the customers to the customers, the assignments of the Toorbee executives to the central offices and inspectors who carry out the on-site inspection, the course of implementation of each inspection and the relevant documentation of this.

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More specifically the platform that includes indicative:

  • Contact information for potential and non-potential customers
  • Applications for cooperation
  • Review applications
  • Offers and cooperation agreements
  • Assignments to the inspectors who will carry out the on-site inspection
  • Schedule and schedule inspection
  • Inspection forms to be completed by inspectors and archived in real time
  • Documentation of the company’s compliance with the conditions and criteria of the questionnaire (checklist).
  • Submitting a package of deliverables (forms-documentation) – monitoring the completion of control
  • Assignment and review of delivery package by Toorbee head office.
  • Completion and archiving of each inspection package – issuance of certificate of conformity if identified by the company.
  • Field so that the customer can follow the progress of its course
  • Quantitative and qualitative indicators of operation monitoring

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